Church Update

*Page Updated August 4, 2020 @ 9:35am

Hello Bethel Family!


As we continue to be watchful during this global pandemic we will keep this page as updated as possible with helpful links and announcements with activities/events at the church.


Until further notice, we are postponing all connect groups, classes, and meetings.


Sundays, we will premiere a weekend message at 9am on facebook live and youtube.  Then again on facebook at 11am.  At 10:30am will be a Kid Connect lesson for kids and parents with links to enhanced lessons in the descriptions!


Have kids?  Pastor Anthony & Kristin will be releasing a family devotion Monday through Friday night around 6pm on social media platforms.  You can find out more on the Bethel Kids page here.


For all the youth & young adults out there, The Social will be hosting  live Q&A on Wednesdays through their social media page and have some amazing plans to stay connected each day.  For more information, check out The Social’s page here.


Chrisit is starting some amazing new online groups.  If you missed her post today about how to get started, be sure to check out the Bethel Facebook page as well as the post below.


We have had multiple people ask how to give their tithes & offerings if there aren’t meetings at the physcial church location.  You can find out all the ways to give, including online, at  If you have any questions or need help with giving, or anything, don’t hesitate to ask!  You can contact a staff member directly through the messnger pop up on the bottom right of the church website, as well as through the contact page at


Keep checking back for more updates as they become available.


Be sure to follow Bethel on social media platforms for more updates, announcements, and reminders.

Update From Our Pastor

Dear Bethel Family

There is a lot going on due to COVID 19 (the coronavirus) with schools closing, businesses moving to remote work at home and some businesses pressing pause on business for now. This can be a time a lot of people are feeling anxious as well as increasingly unsure of what to do. It also has a lot of ripple effects that will touch all of us (and for some of us a lot more than others).

In this email, we’d like to share with you how we will continue to practically live out the pattern of Jesus’ life following His model of how to LIVE, LOVE, GIVE & GO as a church family this week:


As a church family, we remain committed as a spiritual community to doing life like Jesus did: We follow our practices of LIVE, LOVE, GIVE, and GO. We want to continue to live and grow spiritually in our relationship with God, love and care for one another as spiritual family, give what we have to share with others, and go and serve our people outside of our Bethel Family.

We will be making decisions as a church family a week at a time as we navigate these uncharted waters.

So over the next week, here is how we plan to live out these values and who God has called us to be as His Family.


Though we will not have in person, on campus services or gatherings this Sunday March 22 or next Wednesday March 25, here is what we are doing:


ONLINE CHURCH SERVICES (Sundays at 9 & 11 AM and Wednesdays at 7 PM – Visit the church website at for all of the options for watching and listening)

NEW ONLINE FRESH MANNA GROUPS (If you are interested in learning more about Fresh Manna Groups. Or think you might like to be a part of one, TEXT Pastor Christi at 561-267-6449 with your Name and the word MANNA)

ONLINE PRAYER MEETINGS (We are still working out the details, so check our website and Facebook page for more info about these online gatherings for prayer.)

ONLINE YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS GATHERING (Pastor’s Dylan & Sharia are going LIVE on Wednesday nights and engaging our youth and young adults daily online. Check it out at

DAILY KID’S FAMILY DEVOTIONAL (Pastor’s Anthony & Kristin are providing these so check them out on


Because of the risk of spreading infection, particularly to the most vulnerable, and to follow the CDC guidelines, we ask that you do not meet together in person as Connect Groups. Instead, we will be working with Connect Group leaders to set up video conferencing as a means of connecting.

We will provide connect group leaders with access to video conferencing software, as well as some ideas on how to effectively lead virtual meetings. If you are in a Connect Group your leader will reach out to you and connect with you.

Be the church! Whether you are in a Connect Group or not, reach out to one another in love. Choose to be proactive in checking in with one another digitally, through whatever means is most comfortable for you. Make a phone call, use What’s App, send a text, connect on Facebook & Messenger, use FaceTime or Google Duo to reach out to each other. We are the church, so let us LOVE like Jesus during this time, and be the church.


This is a great time to become aware of those around us who are in need. As a church family, we are reaching out to the most vulnerable among us and offering to have groceries and essentials delivered to them so they do not have to leave home. This is done through our Benevolence Fund. You can give to this fund online ( or by mailing a check to the church. Designate your giving to Benevolence.

Your weekly gifts of Tithe and Offerings is what enables us to be able to continue to minister during this time as we do every week. Those gifts help us to continue to provide services and ministry to the Bethel Church family as well as to those in our community who visit us online. It also assures the ministries that we support (our home and foreign missionaries and partners) that their needs will continue to be met. To give your Tithe and Offerings visit or mail a check to the church office. (Bethel Church – 4320 S Congress Ave – Palm Springs, FL 33461)

And as always, every gift is appreciated because it helps us do all of the things God has called us to do.


The first and primary way we need to care for one another at this time is by practicing proper social distancing. This is a critical practice as we seek to protect each other from incidental infection. With that as a lens, we should also be aware of how we can serve our community with the capabilities we have.

Here are some things you can do to participate in reaching out to others:

TAKE CARE OF THE MOST VULNERABLE AROUND YOU Pay attention to those who may need extra support, especially seniors and shut-ins.1) Who are the people on your block or in your neighborhood, 2) The people in your Connect or Support Group and 3) The people you’re relationally connected to who might be vulnerable physically or financially right now? We’d encourage you to check-in particularly on people over the age of 60 once a day in thinking about those three categories. See how they are physically feeling, but also see if they need groceries or have any other needs. Most grocery stores are accepting online orders and will deliver the groceries to their door.

KEEP CHECKING OUR COVID-19 UPDATE PAGE We will list updates and ways you can help practically

SHARE YOUR FAITH IN JESUS WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND NEIGHBORS This is a great time to call, text, and connect with people online to offer a listening ear, prayer, and kind words that point to Jesus. Let your light shine! You can do this and still practice proper social distancing. Use the phone, tablet, or computer that God blessed you with. Be a blessing to others and share the love of Jesus with them!


Feel free to reach out to us, we are here for you. You can reach Pastor Mike at 561-385-3680.

If you find yourself with either physical symptoms of the virus and aren’t able to seek medical attention, or have economic needs as the result of the fallout from this pandemic, please contact us! We are committed to do everything we can to support and love our church family in the midst of this crisis.

We love each one of you!!

The Bethel Staff

Stay Connected

Join Sunday’s services online on facebook & more.


Join Bethel’s Biggest Connect Group on facebook as we go through Bible App reading plans together


Join Bethel’s Biggest Connect Group first devotional through the Bible App.

  • The devotion will start together can be found here Fear Not


Fresh Manna Groups Information

How do you see your “new normal”?
Do you see your “suddenly different way of living” as more of:
– an Obstacle to overcome
– an Opportunity for growth
– a Disrupting change
– a Mountain to climb
– or a Storm to weather
WE all have a different set of lenses that we look at life through. It’s easy, during these challenging times, to get STUCK in our own perspectives because we are trying to process a lot that is happening to us; really fast. During traumatic events, we can end up feeling controlled by life.
To help alleviate these stressful or stuck feelings we need to seek to find God’s perspective. God’s perspective leads us beside still waters, to a place of rest, peace, freedom, and hope.
John 8:32 says,
You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
A while back, God birthed in my heart to start a NEW KIND OF CONNECT GROUP called a FRESH MANNA GROUP. A Fresh Manna Group is a group where everyone has a voice and everyone’s voice is heard. But most importantly, it is a group where God’s voice is heard.
We all should! What is God saying to you to help you navigate through life today. Perhaps God is saying something to you – that might encourage me. Or maybe what He is saying to me – might encourage you. God is calling us to journey through life TOGETHER!
It is my vision to start 7 new FRESH MANNA GROUPS over the next 7 weeks!
If you are interested in learning more about fresh manna groups. Or think you might like to be a part of one
Text 561-267-6449 – YOUR NAME and the word MANNA


Global Call to Prayer for COVID-19 by the Assemblies of God


Bethel Church has teamed up with Dwell, the Bible Listening app, to give people a 60 day trial period! This is a great way to listen to the Bible and fall in love with God’s word all over again! Check it out here: Dwell Sign Up Page


Audible is letting people stream kids stories for free here.


Here are some more great free listening resources thanks to

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