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Meeting Update

CHURCH ON THE LAWN (Front Parking Lot)

Sundays |  9:00 am


Welcome! We are so excited to see you and to gather together again! We want to ensure everyone’s safety and create an environment for everyone to feel comfortable. Please take a moment to review the guidelines so you know what to expect as we Re-open in Phase One. We love you and we will see you soon!


We have resumed ON-SITE services at Bethel. For now, we will be having one combined service at 9 AM.


During Phase One of our Reopening, we will enjoy services outside, specifically, in front of our building.
The platform is the upper deck of the patio.


We will be offering three types of seating:
“In Your Car” Seating
“Front Lawn” Seating
“Side Lawn” Family Seating



Once you arrive, simply follow the directions of the parking attendant who will park you in one of our designated car spaces, facing the upper deck of the patio in front of the Cross. If you choose in-car seating, you can tune in to the posted FM frequency to hear the service. If you desire to roll your windows down, we ask that you wear a mask as the vehicles will not be parked socially distanced. Our parking attendants will also be assisting you in exiting as well to assure you of the quickest and easiest exiting.



If you prefer lawn seating, BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR and COME EARLY.  Lawn seating will be limited and on a first come, first serve basis. Once you arrive, simply follow the directions of the parking attendant who will park you in one of our designated lawn seating parking spaces. Please remember to socially distance while walking to the lawn seating area with your chair. Our parking attendants will also be assisting you in exiting as well to assure you of the quickest and easiest exiting.


The two areas designated for lawn seating are the FRONT and SIDE LAWN (the side lawn specifically designated for families).


Both lawn areas will be available for those who have brought their own chairs. A volunteer will be placing people socially distanced upon arrival. A MASK will be REQUIRED at ALL TIMES while outside of your car for anyone over the age of 2 years old. We understand masks are no fun, however, we are choosing to move forward with love and respect for each other. Our purpose and goal in requiring masks is to show love in everything we do, maintaining a spirit of unity.


Remember this is only Phase One, and we have full confidence that this is a temporary solution for us meeting together. Thank you for your willingness to love each other during this time.



Waving and distanced air hugs will be our form of greeting one another at this time. Please refrain from hugs, handshakes, and physical touch to assure that everyone feels comfortable.



We will have sermon notes, lyrics to worship, and some kids’ material (if you have children) available.


You can get access to these things one of three ways:
1. Download them here (Available Soon)
2. You can access them on the Bible app (you can download the Bible app here)
3. There also will be an announcement made in service to put your hazard lights on if you would like to receive a packet. Someone will bring a packet to your car.



Our side hall bathrooms will be available. If you need to utilize them please follow the instructions of the bathroom attendant. Bathrooms will be cleaned thoroughly between each use.



The best way to give at this time continues to be our online giving and giving by mail. However, if you desire to give your tithes and offerings “on-site” you can securely drop your offerings in the mailbox. Please socially distance while placing your offerings in the mailbox.



We will be continuing to push our services online (the LIVE SERVICE will be at 9am). If you choose to stay at home and join us from the comfort of your home. If you or a loved one is more vulnerable in this season this might be the best option for you. We love you and will be worshipping with you.



Continuing online will also be our kids, youth, and young adult ministries.


Some things are different
Some things are the same
To live, love, give, and go like JESUS!

Church Update

Hello Bethel Family!


As we continue to be watchful during this global pandemic we will keep this page as updated as possible with helpful links and announcements with activities/events at the church.


Until further notice, we are postponing all connect groups, classes, and meetings.


Sundays, we are getting ready to meet again! Check out the information and video at the top of the page for more information.


Have kids?  Pastor Anthony & Kristin will be releasing a family devotion Monday through Friday night around 6pm on social media platforms.  You can find out more on the Bethel Kids page here.


For all the youth & young adults out there, The Social will be hosting  live Q&A on Wednesdays through their social media page and have some amazing plans to stay connected each day.  For more information, check out The Social’s page here.


Chrisit is starting some amazing new online groups.  If you missed her post today about how to get started, be sure to check out the Bethel Facebook page as well as the post below.


We have had multiple people ask how to give their tithes & offerings if there aren’t meetings at the physcial church location.  You can find out all the ways to give, including online, at gobethelchurch.com/give.  If you have any questions or need help with giving, or anything, don’t hesitate to ask!  You can contact a staff member directly through the messnger pop up on the bottom right of the church website, as well as through the contact page at gobethelchurch.com/contact.


Keep checking back for more updates as they become available.


Be sure to follow Bethel on social media platforms for more updates, announcements, and reminders.

Stay Connected

Join Sunday’s services online on facebook & more.


Join Bethel’s Biggest Connect Group on facebook as we go through Bible App reading plans together


Join Bethel’s Biggest Connect Group first devotional through the Bible App.

  • The devotion will start together can be found here Fear Not


Fresh Manna Groups Information

How do you see your “new normal”?
Do you see your “suddenly different way of living” as more of:
– an Obstacle to overcome
– an Opportunity for growth
– a Disrupting change
– a Mountain to climb
– or a Storm to weather
WE all have a different set of lenses that we look at life through. It’s easy, during these challenging times, to get STUCK in our own perspectives because we are trying to process a lot that is happening to us; really fast. During traumatic events, we can end up feeling controlled by life.
To help alleviate these stressful or stuck feelings we need to seek to find God’s perspective. God’s perspective leads us beside still waters, to a place of rest, peace, freedom, and hope.
John 8:32 says,
You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
A while back, God birthed in my heart to start a NEW KIND OF CONNECT GROUP called a FRESH MANNA GROUP. A Fresh Manna Group is a group where everyone has a voice and everyone’s voice is heard. But most importantly, it is a group where God’s voice is heard.
We all should! What is God saying to you to help you navigate through life today. Perhaps God is saying something to you – that might encourage me. Or maybe what He is saying to me – might encourage you. God is calling us to journey through life TOGETHER!
It is my vision to start 7 new FRESH MANNA GROUPS over the next 7 weeks!
If you are interested in learning more about fresh manna groups. Or think you might like to be a part of one
Text 561-267-6449 – YOUR NAME and the word MANNA


Global Call to Prayer for COVID-19 by the Assemblies of God


Bethel Church has teamed up with Dwell, the Bible Listening app, to give people a 60 day trial period! This is a great way to listen to the Bible and fall in love with God’s word all over again! Check it out here: Dwell Sign Up Page


Audible is letting people stream kids stories for free here.


Here are some more great free listening resources thanks to ChristianAudio.com

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