Our Church
We value being accepting, real, down to earth and caring.
We value Christ is our head and being submit to His authority.
We value clear, biblical messages that challenge the sinner and the saint.
We value freedom and passion in our praise and worship.
We value prayer as empowerment for everything we do.
We value life groups and accountability as necessary for personal growth.
We value equipping disciples for ministry.
We value loving God, loving people, and making disciples

My Relationship with God
We value a personal relationship with God through Christ.
We value daily death to self, and daily being filled with the life of Christ.

My Spiritual Development
We value God’s unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness.
We value making Christ Lord of our lives
We value God’s Word as the instructions for my life.
We value holiness, conviction, repentance, and obedience.
We value teach ability, growth, and evaluation.
We value Jesus Christ as our standard for living.

My Role
We value humility and servant-hood.

My Morals
We value righteous living; dead to sin and alive in Christ.

My Attitude
We value confidence in Christ
We value complete trust in God
We value faith-filled living

My Character
We value displaying God’s nature through us
We value fruit filled living.

My Dependence
We value God as the source of love, acceptance, security, and significance.
We value God as the source of our physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
We value total dependence on God for guidance, presence, and power.
We value doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time as God wills.

My Relationships
We value sacrificially laying down our lives for others.

We value meeting the physical needs of others.
i.e. food, water, shelter, clothing, support and help.

We value meeting the emotional needs of others.
i.e. inclusion, acceptance, love, appreciation, affirmation, interest, quality time, comfort, care, encouragement, respect, personal value, security, a safe place, support, honesty, authenticity, listening and understanding.

We value meeting the spiritual needs of others.
i.e. compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and truth in love, accountability, ministry and prayer.

My Ministry
We value ministering in the power of God with boldness and authority.
We value allowing the presence of God, to minister through us.
We value seeing this world and people in it through the eyes of God.
We value passionately giving our time, money and resources to God.
We value maintaining balance and a God ordered life.

My Responsibility to God
We value the lost.
We value the great commission of Christ as the reason for our existence.
We value make disciples.
We value operating in the in the power of the Holy Spirit.